Darning pointe shoes

AIM: To protect the satin.

Darning the areas which come in contact with the floor.

Materials needed:
1) Crochet Thread
2) Curved Needle
3) Darning Needle
4) Cotton Wool
5) Calamine Lotion

Stage 1:
 With the curved needle, chain stitch the area shown in red in fig. 2.(heel, platform and wings).
Stitch the outline first, then gradually fill in the area.

Stage 2:
With darning needle, darn the chain stitch.

Stage 3:
Take the cotton wool and soak with calamine lotion. then dab this on the stitching until it too is soaked. Leave to dry naturally. Repeat three times.

Stage 4:
With a little calamine lotion this time, rub over the satin of the shoe. You only need one light coat.

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